Abhay Bhargav

Advanced Application Security

There’s a whole lot more to application security than what you see on the OWASP Top 10. Some of the most advanced AppSec techniques are employed in securing ‘secrets’, or highly sensitive data. This Learning Path is for those who have completed the Application Security Essentials and want to dive deeper into  more technologically sophisticated and complex domains of security.

Once you’ve completed this Learning Path, you’ll be able to:

  • Firmly grasp the latest techniques, strategies, and technologies centered around Cryptography, Encryption, Secrets Management, and Server-Side Request Forgery
  • Understand the difference between an effective and ineffective secrets management by examining real-life security incidents
  • Manage secrets using Hashicorp Vault, encryption, ciphers and more
  • Protect highly sensitive/classified data like passwords, users’ personal data, etc. using the most advanced real-world strategies

Complete this Learning Path and become certified in Advanced Application Security, Cryptography and Secrets Management.