Abhay Bhargav

AWS Security

Cloud has become the language our applications use to speak to our devices, and AWS the most popular medium in that language. As more software goes cloud-native, the very nature of their exploits and attack surfaces can change dramatically. From AWS S3, EC2 and IAM, to Network Security and Secrets Management in the cloud, this Learning Path is packed with courses on how to comprehensively secure your cloud-based applications.

When you complete this Learning Path, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how cloud security differs vastly from traditional AppSec, the unique attack surfaces of cloud-native and serverless apps, and how hackers exploit these weaknesses
  • Learn how serverless architecture works in AWS, how to use real-world techniques to exploit it, as well as battle-tested methods to secure serverless apps
  • Approach apps using on various AWS services like S3, IAM, EC2 and more with real hands-on experience working on Network security
  • Manage secrets and other sensitive data stored in the cloud using our best practices with AWS KMS, GitOps and DevOps

Complete this Learning Path and become certified in AWS Cloud Security, Serverless Security, AWS Network Security, and AWS Secrets Management.