The cloud is arguably the biggest paradigm shift in a world driven by the internet, software, digitally stored data. Today’s technological economy is largely driven by a network of servers, virtual spaces, and cloud computing. And Microsoft Azure is one of the biggest names in the business.

In this Learning Path, we bring you all-new security courses with a laser-focus on Azure and its multitude of cloud services. Hundreds of thousands of businesses rely on Azure cloud resources for their day-to-day workflows, and store millions of users’ data on their servers. And where there’s user data, there are bad actors looking to gain access to it.

The solution? Build your apps to be totally bulletproof. And we can show you how. From Containers and Serverless, to Secrets Management and DevOps, we’re constantly adding new courses to this Learning Path. All our courses feature intuitive hands-on labs so every lesson you learn is reinforced with practical experience.