Abhay Bhargav

Container Security

The biggest difference between Container security and traditional AppSec is attack surface. The decentralized nature of Container-based applications means there are all new ways of exploiting weaknesses in the system, and just as many new things to learn about securing them. In this Learning Path, you will explore Container security from the perspective of both attacker and defender, employing the most sophisticated techniques used by both sides.

After completing this Learning Path, you’ll be able to:

  • Comprehend the details of Container architecture, orchestration platforms, and Docker images on a native level
  • Attack and exploit containerized deployments, insecure Docker configurations, networks, OS and Kernels
  • Secure and defend containers while building and at runtime, as well as perform Container Vulnerability Assessments
  • Set up a CI/CD pipeline for Containerized apps in DevSecOps

Complete this Learning Path and become certified in Container Security and Docker Security.