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Learning Path: AWS Security

Introduction to AWS IAM

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the key aspect of securing workloads and services on AWS. You need to know your way around IAM in order to understand AWS in-depth. However, attackers often target Amazon IAM when they launch an offensive against cloud-native apps. 

This Amazon IAM course is an introductory deep-dive into access management in AWS and how you can leverage IAM in User, Group, Role and Policy Management in AWS. The class begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of Amazon IAM. Subsequently, we’ll be looking at a practical exploration of User Management, Group Management and Role Management. 

Finally, we’ll be diving deep into IAM Policy in AWS, where we’ll be doing hands-on exercises with a bunch of different Policy Patterns, Conditions and scenarios. All of these labs across our modules feature intuitive, step-by-step instructions that simplify complex concepts and make it easier to map theoretical knowledge to practical skills.

Our learning material is backed by years of security testing experience, knowledge, and original research across our entire security team. This course uses practical learning with labs and exercises extensively, with the aim of helping you gain a detailed knowledge of access management in AWS.

Proficiency: Beginner
Audience: Cloud Security
Course Duration: 4 hours
35 lessons
5 Cloud Labs

Course Outline

  • Course Introduction
  • Course Pre-requisites
  • IAM-Introduction
  • IAM-Terminologies
  • Understanding-IAM
  • IAM-Users
  • IAM-Groups
  • IAM-Policy
  • IAM-Policy-Examples
  • IAM-Role
  • IAM-Permission-Boundary
  • IAM-Security-Hygiene