Github Actions for DevSecOps

GitHub Actions is an API that’s used to automate, customize, and execute software development workflows right in your GitHub repository. Developers and security professionals have found ways to use it to implement automation and CI/CD workflows in DevSecOps. 

This course is a deep dive into the use of GitHub Actions in DevSecOps, with practical learning through hands-on labs. We begin with an introduction to both DevSecOps and GitOps. This will transition into a practical segment where you’ll create your own custom GitHub Actions. You’ll even learn to create an Actions-driven workflow for Continuous Integration. 

We then explore DevSecOps with GitHub Actions with the help of cookbook-style labs. Here, you’ll implement end-to-end SAST and SCA workflows, as well as automate DAST Checks with GitHub Actions and OWASP ZAP.

This course is a distillation of years of security testing experience, knowledge, and original research across our entire team. We’ve designed our material and labs to reflect real-world techniques and challenges, making it easy for you to gain serious practical experience in automating DevSecOps workflows. When you’ve completed this course, you can implement what you’ve learned in effectively implementing Security in DevOps. 

GitHub actions for DevSecOps
Proficiency Beginner
Audience DevSecOps
Course Duration​ 4
Lessons​ 31
Cloud Labs​ 3



Cloud Security Expert

Course duration




Cloud Labs


    • DevOps and the rise of DevOps
    • The need for DevSecOps
    • Success Factors and Challenges implementing DevSecOps
    • DevSecOps as a series of Developer-first workflows
    • Git as a Single Source of Truth
    • Git Source Repositories and Automation Capabilities: 
      • Github
      • Gitlab
    • GitOps workflows for CI/CD – An Introduction and Perspective
    • Github Actions – Introduction and Overview
    • Lab: Create your custom Github Action
    • Leveraging the Github Actions “Store” to identify useful pre-existing automations for Github
    • Lab: Creating an end-to-end Github Actions-driven workflow for Continuous Integration
    • Approach to Labs with Cookbook style Labs for Github Actions and DevSecOps
    • Cookbook 1: Implementing a SAST and SCA workflow with Github Actions for Git Pull Requests
    • Cookbook 2 : Implementing and End-to-End Workflow for SAST and SCA on commit to the main Github Branch with “Break the build capability”
    • Cookbook: Automating DAST Checks with Github Actions and OWASP ZAP
  • Building a Pipeline Github Actions
  • Scanning Insecure Code with NodeJSScan and Github Actions
  • Running an NPM Audit in Github Actions
  • Security Testing with ZAP and GitHub Actions
  • Container Security Scanning with Github Actions
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