Learning Path: Kubernetes Security

Kubernetes Admission Control

Kubernetes Admission Controllers are a powerful Access Control Paradigm in the K8s ecosystem, capable of intercepting requests to the Kubernetes API server. Well-configured Admission Controller plugins can prevent a variety of attack attempts and compromises against your cluster. 

In this course, you’re diving deep into Kubernetes Admission Controller Plugins. You’ll be looking at powerful Validating and Mutating Admission Control Plugins LimitRanger and ResourceQuotas, among others. The first part of the course deals with Kubernetes Admission Controllers, with lessons on container runtime security. We then move into PodSecurityPolicy and Kubernetes Policy Management. 

Finally, you’ll be introduced to a Policy-Management Framework for Kubernetes called Open Policy Agent (OPA), where you’ll explore how you can compose your own Policies for resources loaded in the Kubernetes cluster with OPA’s Domain Specific Language for Policy Development and Evaluation, rego. 

All of these lessons are taught using hands-on labs and demos for a practical understanding of how these technologies work. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to directly implement everything you’ve learned in a real-world Kubernetes environment. 

Advanced Proficiency
Cloud Security Expert
4 hours
24 lessons
3 Cloud Labs

Course Outline

  • Course Introduction
  • Course Pre-requisites
  • Admission Control – Introduction
  • Admission Control – Basics – Part 1
  • Admission Control – Basics – Part 2
  • Container Runtime Security – Part 1
  • Container Runtime Security – Part 2
  • Introduction to Pod Security Policy
  • Pod Security Policy – Preamble
  • Kubernetes Policy Management
  • Introduction to Open-Policy Agent
  • OPA GateKeeper