Static Analysis and Code Review for DevSecOps

An application is only as secure as the source code it’s built on. That’s the philosophy behind Static Application Security Testing (SAST), which allows security engineers to identify threats to their apps at the source code level. This is the heart of Continuous Application Security, and it’s what this course is all about. 

In Static Analysis and Code Review for DevSecOps, we’ll be going over some of the most common SAST tools, including methods of automating security tooling in a CI/CD pipeline. You’ll spend time rolling out SAST workflows and actually ‘building’ security pipelines that can be integrated into an organisation’s DevOps process. 

Our hands-on labs will even walk you through methods to perform SAST incrementally to boost the efficiency of security testing in your software development lifecycle.This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about static application security and how it ties into a sustainable DevOps practice. 

Our material is backed by years of security testing experience, knowledge, and original research across our entire team. Upon completing this course, you’ll have the requisite knowledge and skill to perform a comprehensive static analysis of your application’s security posture, as well as effectively implement it into your DevSecOps pipeline.

Static Analysis and Code Review for DevSecOps
Proficiency Beginner
Audience DevSecOps Expert
Course Duration​ 4
Lessons​ 25
Cloud Labs​ 5



Cloud Security Expert

Course duration




Cloud Labs


    • DevOps and the rise of DevOps
    • The need for DevSecOps
    • Success Factors and Challenges implementing DevSecOps
    • DevSecOps as a series of Developer-first workflows
    • Static Analysis and its importance to security
    • Embedding Static Analysis in Developer-First workflows
    • Types of Static Analysis Tools – Polyglot Tools, OSS Specialized AST Tools and Grep/QL Tools
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Tools
    • AST vs Grep vs QL Tools – Labs
    • Automation Labs – Integrating Static Analysis into the IDE/Local Git hooks
    • Automating SAST with GitOps – GitOps use-cases and SAST Implementation Examples and Labs
    • Building your own incremental Security Scanner for SAST and GitOps
    • Integrating SAST into CI Pipelines and Tools
      • Gitlab
      • Github
      • Jenkins
    • SAST for Continuous Deployment – Implementation Strategies
    • Labs: Leveraging SAST for scanning AWS and Terraform Scripts
  • Performing SAST Scans with Bandit
  • Performing Custom SAST Scans with Bandit
  • Using Semgrep for SAST
  • Scanning Insecure Code with NodeJSScan and Github Actions
  • Running Git Commit Hooks with Bandit
  • Running Git Commit Hooks with ESLint
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