Devsecops courses to boost your career
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Abhay Bhargav


DevSecOps is as much about security as it is about the software being secured. From planning and designing the application, to actually building, testing, and deploying it, DevOps is ensuring the operations go smoothly all through the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

At every phase of this lifecycle, security becomes a concern, whether they’re static or dynamic vulnerabilities, or even flaws in the architecture and design. As projects grow more and more ambitious, application security automation becomes a necessity. That’s where our DevSecOps courses come in. 

The main job of a DevSecOps engineer is to implement security and automation at every stage of the SDLC without disrupting the time and cost of development. It’s one of the biggest challenges AppSec engineers face. The DevSecOps Learning Path has been carefully crafted to give you all the tools to get you started.

After completing this Learning Path, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyze an application’s static or dynamic security posture, and be proficient in AppSec automation
  • Perform comprehensive security tests on an application’s source code (SAST), while it’s running (DAST), and its open source components
  • Set up a security automation pipeline with Continuous Integration (CI) as the app undergoes development
  • Power up your development workflow with automation, customization, and execution through GitHub Actions

Who is the DevSecOps Learning Path for?

  • Anyone interested in DevOps or Security
  • DevOps engineers
  • Application security engineers

Complete this Learning Path and become certified in DevSecOps, Security Automation and Security Testing.