Get All Your Teams

on the Same Security Wavelength

When every team member is at the same level of AppSec learning, collaboration becomes seamless and efficient

Get All Your Teams


When every team member is at the same level of AppSec learning,

collaboration becomes seamless and efficient

Hiring vs. Training: What’s cheaper?

Hiring new talent is expensive. From finding and interviewing candidates, to onboarding even one new person, it’s costly and time-consuming.

Training, on the other hand, can scale to hundreds or even thousands of engineers, developers and architects.

The difference in ROI is simply staggering

Clearly, training your existing workforce is far more cost-effective than hiring new. But the question is…


Estimated cost of hiring just one new engineer

65 hours

Total time taken to review & hire just a single engineer

Helping team to climb as enterprise appsec training for team building

Why choose AppSecEngineer?

We know what works in security training. We also know what doesn’t work. When your focus is all on Offensive security, half your security program is missing.

ASE specializes in the best security training the industry has to offer, while also comprehensively exploring critical and often overlooked spaces in AppSec.

High-quality AppSec training brings everyone on a level playing field. No one gets left behind.

That means easier collaboration and faster communication on security issues. Teams that train together, work together. Things just click.

Organization-wide training is finally possible

Our training programs are designed to give your workforce the skills they need to get results.

Track your teams’ progress

Ensure all your team members are up to speed using our in-built progress tracking reports

Two boxers depict offensive and defensive strategy for offensive and defensive application security strategy

Offensive & Defensive AppSec

Our courses teach both Offensive and Defensive security in hands-on, practical lessons

Go beyond security compliance

Why stop at compliance? Learn how to build a full-fledged AppSec program from scratch

Training for every team

Each team can upskill in their domain of expertise, or learn something totally new

Complete access to labs

Our labs and cyber ranges are designed for your whole team to practice real-world AppSec skills

Industry-leading content

Our courses have sold out at leading conferences like Black Hat, DEF CON, and OWASP

Need training done your way?

We can make it happen.

We’ve trained some of the biggest names in information services, software tech and government institutions. We can give you exactly the kind of training you’re looking for.

Hyper-customized AppSec training. Zero compromises. Tell us what you need and we can get started.

All your AppSec potential is already there. It just needs to take off.

Scale up your Security initiatives, bridge the AppSec gap across your whole organization, and make things happen.

Only with AppSecEngineer.

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