Deep dive by a diver depicting deep dive into Kubernetes 101 course

Abhay Bhargav

Kubernetes Security

Containers are the pre-eminent technology powering modern day applications, and Kubernetes the platform of choice to orchestrate them. Despite this, Kubernetes has developed a reputation for being impenetrably complicated and a major challenge to secure. This Learning Path will demystify the operational complexities and security issues that make Kubernetes such a demanding platform.

When you complete this Learning Path, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand Kubernetes architecture, Container orchestration, and Kubernetes clusters & deployments on a deeper level
  • Securely configure Kubernetes Authentication, Access Control, Admission Control, Policies and more
  • Work on Kubernetes Service Mesh and manage network security for Kubernetes Clusters
  • Manage secrets within Kubernetes and use industry-standard best practices to secure highly sensitive data

Complete this Learning Path and become certified in Kubernetes Security, Service Mesh and Network Security, and Secrets Management.