Learning Path: Kubernetes Security

Introduction to Kubernetes Secrets

Managing sensitive data is simultaneously one of the most important and challenging aspects of application development. When it comes to containerized apps, secrets management is among the most prominent security risks. Essential Secrets Management – Kubernetes will give you a comprehensive look at managing secrets through their entire lifecycle: from configuring, storing and accessing them to rotating them and enforcing secrets policies.

This course begins with an introduction to secrets management for applications with Kubernetes. This ties into a key theme of the course: the top mistakes involving poor/weak secrets management. We’ll take the help of practical labs to integrate Vault on a Kubernetes cluster, as well as storing secrets securely on Kamus. You’ll also learn hands-on secrets management and rotation with AWS Secret Manager. Our courses are designed to give you a practical insight into real-world challenges to development and actionable solutions to them.

All our learning material is backed by years of security testing experience, knowledge, and original research across our entire team. When you’re done with this course, you’ll be able to implement everything you’ve learned in an actual containerized app development environment that uses Kubernetes.

Proficiency: Intermediate
Audience: Cloud Security
Course Duration: 4 hours
16 lessons
2 Cloud Labs

Course Outline

  • Course Introduction
  • Course Pre-requisites
  • Kubernetes Secrets – An Overview
  • Managing Secrets in Kubernetes
  • Good Secrets Management
  • Introduction to Hashicorp Vault