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Abhay Bhargav

Threat Modeling

A detailed and well-documented Threat Model is the cornerstone of a sustainable security program. It makes security automation more efficient, DevSecOps more achievable, and makes AppSec massively scalable. 

Most crucially, it lays out the blueprint not just for your apps, but your development philosophy as a whole. Threat modeling is how you give direction to your efforts in building test cases, user and abuser stories, and create safeguards against a variety of security threats.

Our Threat Modeling courses will take you hands-on with showing you exactly how to formulate and build a comprehensive threat model that can help majorly bolster your application’s security posture in the long term with our hands on interactive lab for practical exercises.

Upon completing this Learning Path, here’s what you’ll be able to do:

  • Effectively threat model applications at different stages of development
  • Build dynamic and flexible threat models that work in Agile environments
  • Implement various threat scenarios, user and abuser stories in a threat model
  • Incorporate offensive security practices and test cases to build threat models from an attacker’s perspective

Who is the Threat Modeling Learning Path for?

  • Anyone interested in Threat Modeling
  • DevOps engineers building efficient CI/CD pipelines
  • Developers coding secure programs
  • Application security engineers

Complete this Learning Path and become certified in Threat Modeling, Offensive and Agile Threat Modeling.