Hands-on Learning at a whole new level

World-class security content meets super-intuitive practical lessons. That's AppSecEngineer.

Train for the real world

Learning is at its best when you train to build skill.

No compromises. No boring lessons. No theoretical fluff that doesn't work in practice.
Learn to solve real-world problems.

It's like a simulation of the real thing

When you take a lesson, you'll also get to try out what you learn in our virtual lab environments.

This is real hands-on learning, folks.

Practice while you learn

Every course comes with hours of video and multiple hands-on lab exercises

Modeled on real scenarios

Labs designed to simulate real-world security threats and attack scenarios

No downloads, no installs

Everything on ASE is 100% browser-based, hosted on an ultra-light platform

Content polished to a shine

Even dedicated learners get put off by instructors who don’t know what they’re doing.

Experienced, competent trainers aren’t a nice-to-have, they’re mission-critical.

Our instructors have over a decade of experience in application security, and have spent years perfecting our training programs.

Nothing less than world-class with AppSecEngineer.

Invest in yourself, or empower your team



7 domains

of Application Security



Whether you're training 1 person or 1000, you get the same first-class experience.

Training for you

Hands-on. Lightweight. Affordable.

Training for your team

Personalized. Scalable. Streamlined.

Why people love us

Our training has changed the way people look at AppSec

Get the AppSecEngineer experience

Hands-on practical learning that shatters the mold.
Only with AppSecEngineer.


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