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World-class security content meets super-intuitive practical lessons. That's AppSecEngineer.

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World-class security content meets super-intuitive practical lessons.

That’s AppSecEngineer.

All the benefits of learning on the job, with none of the risks

The best lessons are always taught on the field. But critical mistakes–especially in security–can seriously put your personal or corporate networks at risk.

ASE’s cloud-hosted labs offer real-world security scenarios in a zero-risk environment. Make all your mistakes here so you don’t when it really counts.


You’ve never seen AppSec training like this

Practice while you learn

Every course comes with hours of video and multiple hands-on lab exercises

No downloads, no installs

Everything on ASE is 100% browser-based, hosted on an ultra-light platform

Train for real-world scenarios

Labs designed to simulate real-world security threats and attack scenarios

Personal lab environments

Each user gets a unique lab environment to learn and practice in total privacy

See how your team is doing

Track the progress of all your teams across our courses with detailed reports

Sharpen essential skills

Choose courses laser-focused on your current career or project to refine your skills

Content that’s polished to a shine

As AppSec experts, we know what other experts are looking for.


Our content has been stress-tested and refined for years across some of the biggest security conferences in the world, including OWASP, Black Hat, DEF CON and Code Blue. Our teams have trained some of the biggest universities, fintech companies, petrochemical companies and even government organizations in the world.

Train for skill

Our training material gives you hands-on experience in problem-solving for real-world security situations.


Train for career

The skills you learn in our courses equip you with everything you need for a career in Application Security.

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

“This is one of the best training I’ve done regardless of price or location. This was a fantastic training especially in terms of the quality of the labs. I’ve done a lot of different InfoSec trainings and the labs are usually a little haphazard. The labs in this training were structured in a way, we could take this data and the labs themselves and keep working on the concepts discussed.”

“The class really exceeded my expectations. I was expecting the course to be too basic but after getting some hands-on practice with the material I think it was really worth it in fact I felt the class enhanced the skills I already had. I’m taking away a lot of new techniques, new material which I can embed into my company. The trainer has been really great.”

“There was a lot of new information that we probably wouldn’t have come across in our organisations. It will be very useful to see how we can implement all the information We learnt how to improve our processes and DevSecOps pipeline. And it was really good to see it done in a light-weight and fast manner to keep up with the demands of the agile development.” 

“They enabled us to develop a thorough threat modeling process that can be applied to internal and external networks. we45’s training was a 10x multiplier for us, allowing our team to easily build models the SOC can use to better understand relevant threats and equip network and application owners with the information they need to prioritize and mitigate risks.”

“This training showed me the different ways in which different elements like threat modelling and automation testing go together. The class opened my eyes in terms of what is coming to security automation in the next 2-3 years. I think application of automation is very important with everything moving so fast. I’m going to learn and implement what I learnt from this class.”

Experience AppSec training as it was meant to be

World-class security content for beginners and pros. Hands-on practical learning that shatters the mold. Only with AppSecEngineer.

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