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Frequently Asked Questions

Labs are calculated on the basis of the number of minutes or hours they are used in a month. Your labs are considered ‘in use’ from the moment you open up any of the labs, and your time is recorded until you close it. 


Although our labs automatically turn off after not being used for some time, we recommend closing your session once you’re done using it to prevent accidentally using up your lab hours.

Lab hours are renewed on the first day of every month.

You will have access to all the training materials as long as your subscription is active. Once your subscription ends, you’ll need to renew it in order to continue using our platform. You will be reminded to renew your subscription before it expires.

A Learning Path is a broad cluster of related topics that offer complementary skills and knowledge. Some Learning Paths are even specific to one tech stack (eg. Kubernetes Security). 


Each Learning Path contains multiple courses that focus on more specific topics in that subject area. While individual courses are comprehensive, it’s recommended that you do every course in a Learning Path to fully understand it.

Every course features one or more slide decks that the instructors use to teach you, all of which are available to download. Additionally, you can download transcripts of the videos as well.

Courses that offer hands-on labs will feature specific lab modules in a sidebar. Clicking on a lab module will show you the step-by-step instructions on how to complete the lab. 


On the top right, click on 'Provision' and wait a few seconds while the lab environment is set up for you. Once it has loaded, click 'Access' to start using the lab.


Once you're done using the lab, make sure you quit it using the button on the top left so you don't keep it running in the background.

AppSecEngineer offers enterprise subscription plans: AppSecEngineer for Teams. You will need to purchase a minimum of 5 seats per Teams account, billed yearly. Every team member gets one seat.


If you require 20 seats or more, you’ll need a Teams Plus account. Please contact our sales department, and we will set you up Teams Plus for however many members you need. Teams Plus has additional benefits, including the option to customize courses and exclusive live sessions with the instructors.

Yes, we do offer live online and in-person training sessions. You can contact our sales team to schedule a training session for your organization. The sessions will be billed separately from the AppSecEngineer platform.

Our labs don’t require any downloads or installs to your system. They are completely browser-based and very lightweight. 


All you need is a computer with an up-to-date web browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox work best) and a moderately fast internet connection. All operating systems are supported. You can also run the labs on a tablet device like the iPad. 


Although our labs are supported on mobile devices, we don’t recommend using one for our courses.

As soon as you subscribe to AppSecEngineer, you will automatically be issued an invoice for your purchase via email. If you need any additional documentation, please let us know so we can try to accommodate your request.

You will have access to the AppSecEngineer Discord server where you can post your questions to the instructors and other learners. Our instructors will do their best to answer as many questions as possible. 


Our team is also working on creating an AppSecEngineer user discussion forum where you can post questions online. This feature will be available soon.


Additionally, for AppSecEngineer Teams,  our instructors will be available during office hours on a particular day and at a particular time which will be communicated to you via email every month. You can contact them over a Zoom call or its equivalent, and speak with the instructors in person to clarify your questions.

Currently, we’re only providing audio, video, and subtitles in English. However, we are working to implement subtitles in more languages in the future, so please look forward to that.

Our prices are extremely competitive, especially with regard to the quality and quantity of hands-on training material that cover so many facets of AppSec. The value we offer is simply second to none.


However, we will be offering seasonal discounts, offers, and deals at various points in the year, so you can look forward to those. Subscribe to the Hackerman’s Handbook and get notified of when we have discounts and giveaways!

You will be awarded two types of accreditation – Coins and Certificates.


A coin is available to you as soon as you finish the class. Once you finish 90 to 95 percent of the videos and labs, you will get a coin which is an achievement for finishing that particular course.


If you complete an entire course and pass the quiz at the end, you will earn a certificate for that specific course.

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